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Homeless Dogs and Puppies

If you are looking to add a canine member to your family, please also consider the following options:

Fairfax County Animal Shelter
Oldies But Goodies Cocker Spaniel Rescue
Collie Rescue Inc.

We work closely with all three of the above organizations to provide veterinary care to the animals that come into their care. Deepwood Veterinary clinic performs all the spays and neuters for Fairfax County Animal Shelter.

Our Success Stories:

deepwood vet

Bubba was found wandering in the park, beaten up from a another animal. His face had multiple puncture holes and tears from a fight. His face was bloody, but his little tail would still wag. We convinced the “powers that be” not to put him to sleep and we went on a search to give this poor baby a chance. His tail wouldn’t stop wagging – he was a lover not a fighter! Bubba didn’t win the fight apparently and needed us to do surgery and medicate him for a couple of weeks. He endured two surgeries, multiple treatments for his face, medication therapy and our WONDERFUL Veterinary Technician Laura found him the best home ever!

He is now KING of an auto mechanic garage, where he is the “silent partner” with his new owner! He goes to work everyday, telling his owner when he wants to go to sleep by taking his leash to his crate. He watches his 8yr old girl paint for hours in her playhouse. Bubba’s new owner says he is the best companion ever! This was a true match.

We are so happy Bubba came to us and we are blessed to have found such a spectacular owner for him to live his life happily!

deepwood petKeyser came to us in the late Summer of 2009. He was emaciated, full of worms, and very close to death. He was treated for dehydration, dewormed, and it was recommended that he stay with us for the course of his rehabilitation. His owners were not prepared financially for the care Keyser needed to fully recover, and after explaining to them the severity of the medical problems Keyser was facing, they asked if they could relinquish ownership to D.A.R.F.
Keyser stayed with us here at Deepwood while he was treated for his intestinal parasites and malnutrition. Once he was cleared medically, Keyser participated in Performance Dogs to burn off the abundant energy his breed tends to have. Basic obedience commands were reinforced, and he learned to socialize with the pack. In December of 2009, Keyser caught the eye of Mr. James. Having lost his best friend just a few months earlier he felt it was time to open up his home to a new canine companion. Mr. James paid several visits to Deepwood to spend time with Keyser, and after his adoption application was approved he took Keyser to his new home. Keyser has a special place in the hearts of all the Deepwood staff, and when he comes in for his routine check ups he is greeted with lots of love.

veterinary clinicSadie was surrendered to D.A.R.F. in January 2010. She was a little too much to handle for her previous owners, and needed some obedience training. While looking for a new home for Sadie, Tiffany Singleton and James Atkins worked in their spare time to teach Sadie some basic obedience commands and socialize her with their personal pets. The goal was to get Sadie to be calm around other dogs, to curb some of her herding behavior, and help find her a forever home.
All the hard work paid off and Sadie was adopted by a very loving family in February of 2010. She was quickly integrated into the family, and through crate training and reinforcement of obedience commands, the new family established themselves as Sadie’s pack leader. Sadie has picked up the household routine, is making friends with the “barking Pugs” next door, and their “meet and greets” are going well. She loves to go on hikes through the Manassas battlefields with her family, and always looks forward to her visits to Deepwood to see her old friends.

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