Small Animals

Small Animals for Adoption

If you are looking to add a member to your family, please also consider the following option:

Fairfax County Animal Shelter

They often have many cuddly critters for adoption. In the past Deepwood has rescued many small animals, not just dogs and cats.

Our Success Stories:

pet adoption

These two little guinea pigs were adopted by a loving family, including a young child, who loves them dearly. They have always been bonded and were adopted together!

deepwood adoptionNoelle
Noelle’s parents loved him very much. Unfortunately they had to move to overseas and could not take him along. Noelle was born in Giessen, Germany in 2000 and came to the United States in 2003. He always loved car rides, being held and walking on a leash/harness. He was house trained to use a litter pan, and would roam the house and get plenty of exercise. He lived like a CAT! Noelle also received hand walks on leash, and loved to get his outside time.
With the special characteristics and the type of care Noelle was used to, it was very important to find the right home for him. We did, with an awesome local family. His best friend and care taker is a 12yr old girl, and lucky little Noelle resides free roam in her room. He wakes her up by taping on the bed post each morning. The previous owner from Germany is very happy and calls periodically to see how Noelle is doing.

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