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Homeless Cats and Kittens

If you are looking to add a member to your family, please also consider the following option:

Fairfax County Animal Shelter

We work closely with Fairfax County Animal Shelter to provide veterinary care to the animals that come into their care. Deepwood Veterinary clinic performs all the spays and neuters for Fairfax County Animal Shelter.

Our Success Stories:

Jaxx & Watson are living happly ever after!!!! They were on death row at an animal shelter and the DARF rescue saved them. They are both soooo sweet and didn’t know each other til they came to Deepwood and now are brothers forever! A wonderful client rescued them together and now live

Trauma was given up by his owner due to not being able to care for him. He is such a lover and needed a home to call his own. This wonderful client opened his heart and took Trauma home! He now lives in luxury on satin sheets. He is adjusting well and sorting things out with his dog roommate however all will be fine in a few short weeks. We are pleased to have such a great owner adopting him!

Leo and Bella: We recently received an update from two of our kitties from the “Orange Orphanage” (see below). These two were lucky to be adopted together, and they have made themselves at home. Their adoptive family reports that they are still very healthy and active, and they love finding spots of sunshine to lounge in. It sounds like Leo and Bella found their own little paradise.

Bob: I was one of the most handsome no tail male ever! I was so very lovey, gave hickeys and loved to be cuddled. This wonderful couple rescued me thank goodness! Now I live strictly indoors and I won’t wander off anymore. I live with two large dog friends and do just great with my buddies! They understand cats rule and dogs drool! My parents are good to me and I have lots of sunshine to lay in when I need to get a tan Sunbathing is my forte! I am doing absolutely fantastic with my new home and learning to live indoors is easy when I have such great parents!

Grey Wonders: These three little felines were rescued by a good citizen and all found a secure forever home! Each are living strictly indoors and are a true asset to their families. They all recieved their necessary spay/neuter, deworming, fecal analysis, fel luk/fiv testing, rabies and flea/tick control revolution. They were a joy to place into a committed home.

Orange Ophanage: One day in September, a family member of our Kennel Manager called to ask if she could bring in a cat that was found in the engine compartment of one of her companies vehicles. During the exam of “V-8″ it was revealed that he must have climbed up for warmth during the evening and hitched a ride on the engine from Harpers Ferry, WV to Sterling, VA. “V-8″ was given a clean bill of health and was adopted that day. The next day, however, we were informed that “V-8″ was actually part of a litter, and that the home owner was going to bring in the momma and a few kittens the next day. To our surprise, the litter consisted of 11 kittens! The kittens were taken in by D.A.R.F, and after receiving their preventative care they were put up for adoption. We adopted a few during our annual Fall Festival and the others lived with us until they found loving homes. All those kitties and owners have “V-8″ to thank for their new homes, if he hadn’t hitched that ride after that cold night in October these love connections might not have happened.

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