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We are pleased to announce Deepwood Canine Consultants, now offering group classes, private classes, and even Board & Train options for your dog!

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Our private lessons, group training classes, and play groups offer a variety of options to provide your dog with the learning and socialization opportunities he or she needs to thrive.  We believe in using reward-based training techniques which have been scientifically proven to maximize cognitive learning and behavior modification. Our goal is to create a respectful, harmonious, and mutual relationship between you and your dog that will enhance communication on both ends of the leash.

As your dog learns, so will you.  You will learn to motivate your dog, understand why they do what they do, and become far more knowledgeable and skilled than most by learning the fundamentals of dog psychology and everyday considerations related to your dog. Our approach is gentle, effective, fun, and designed to be mastered by all members of the family.

All group classes last between 60-90 minutes and meet weekly for 4 consecutive weeks (with the exception of some holidays).  Training sessions are generally conducted off leash with plenty of potty breaks in between.  All non-dog and non-human aggressive dogs are welcome to attend group classes. If you have questions regarding your dog’s behavior, give us a call and we can help you determine the best fit.

To book a class, please call us at 703-631-9133.





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