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At Deepwood, we have our own comprehensive pharmacy, where you can order and promptly pick up your pet’s prescriptions.  We carry a broad selection of medical treatments and preventative care options, in addition to nutritional supplements and prescription diets. For your convenience, prescriptions can be filled during your pet’s regular check-ups. Our pharmacy telephone line also allows clients to call in refills as needed. We strive to refill all medications as soon as possible, but as many refills require a doctor’s approval, please be aware that it make take up to 24 hours.  One of our technicians or veterinary assistants will call you as soon as the prescription is ready for pickup.

For your additional convenience, we also have our own online pharmacy available. The online pharmacy stocks a wide variety of medications, preventative treatments, and prescription diets at competitive prices. These products come directly from manufacturers and licensed distributors. All products in the pharmacy can be easily ordered and will ship directly to your doorstep!

Internet Pharmacies

Here at Deepwood, we recognize that the online marketplace is filled with internet pharmacies advertising “newer, cheaper, better.” However, some of these pharmacies obtain their stock through fraudulent means, and some stock counterfeit drugs made in foreign countries without any oversight or safety testing. Drugs may be improperly labeled or stored, or sold after their expiration date. Such medications could potentially endanger the health of your pet by being ineffective, or potentially toxic. Other companies do not require a doctor’s approval to fill prescription medications (in direct violation of the law), or will automatically ship refills and charge a credit card without your prior approval. Before using an online pharmacy, we strongly urge you to read this article from the Food and Drug Administration, so that you may make an educated decision.


Diet plays an important role in animal health, just as it does in human health.

We offer counseling in dietary selection and feeding practices for cats and dogs during various life stages such as growth, gestation and lactation. This includes “special considerations” of large breed puppies and senior pets.

We also offer consultation in dietary selection and feeding practices for cats and dogs with specific disease conditions in which nutritional intervention plays a role in disease management. Such diseases include:

  • Diabetes Mellitus
  • Renal (kidney) disease
  • Urolithiasis (kidney/bladder stones)
  • Gastrointestinal disease (including inflammatory bowel disease, food allergies, pancreatitis and exocrine pancreatic insufficiency)/li>
  • Liver disease
  • Critical Care (utilization of feeding tubes and intravenous nutrition)
  • Dietary hypersensitivities (food allergies)
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Neoplasia (tumors and cancers)
  • Dental health
  • Multiple disease conditions

If your pet is overweight or obese (as more than 50% of cats and dogs in the US are), we will work with you to put together a diet and exercise plan for your pet that will fit within your lifestyle. Overweight dogs and cats are at high risk of developing serious medical conditions such as diabetes and pancreatitis, but aggressive intervention can dramatically reduce this risk. For additional information about weight loss in dogs and cats, please see our Resources section.

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