At Deepwood, we often a wide variety of soft tissue surgeries, including but not limited to:

  • Castration (neuter)
  • Ovariohysterectomy (spay)
  • Laceration repair
  • Cystotomies (bladder surgery, typically for bladder stone removal)
  • Ear hematoma repair
  • Removal and/or biopsy of masses in a variety of locations
  • Splenectomy
  • Abdominal exploratory (usually for GI obstruction or organ biopsy)
  • Medial Patellar Luxation repair (for toy breed dogs)
  • Cat declaws (performed solely by laser)
  • Laser surgery (performed on routine and non-routine surgeries for pain and hemostasis (decreased bleeding) management)

Pre-operative bloodwork is performed as needed prior to surgery, as are any other relevant diagnostics (such as X-rays).

canstockphoto12844482All patients receive pain management pre-and post-operatively, and receive a complimentary pedicure while under anesthesia.

Our anesthetized patients are closely monitored before, during, and after their procedures. Procedures are performed on a heated surgery table to help maintain their core body temperature. All procedures are performed using sterile surgery packs to minimize the risk of post-surgical infection. For most surgical procedures, patients will be administered IV fluids during surgery. All patients are monitored during surgery, both by electronic instrumentation and by a technician.  Patients recover under the careful observation of our technicians and technician assistants, and under the comfort of soft, warm blankets.

If your pet is in need of a surgical procedure that cannot be performed at Deepwood (such as cruciate ligament repair, cataract surgery, or spinal surgery), we will gladly coordinate referral to one of the many excellent surgical facilities in the region.


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