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Our very own Dr. Myers has been inducted into the American Farriers Journal International Equine Veterinarian Hall of Fame!

The Hall of Fame was created to “honor veterinarians who have contributed the knowledge and recognition of proper hoof care for horses.” We couldn’t be prouder!


Many problems associated with lowered performance and perceived behavioral issues may actually be signs of pain in the feet. Refusing jumps, difficulty in executing leads, loss of performance and more can indicate foot pain. Hock, stifle, caudal heels, knees back and even bitting problems may simply be pain and damage as the result of hoof imbalances. Taking preemptive action can optimize long term health and welfare of the performance horse and reduce or avoid down time, withdrawing from competition, and costly rehabilitation programs. Before considering joint injections, it is prudent to take a balance radiographic series of the hooves to make certain that hoof imbalance is not the root of the problem. If this is corrected, the injections will be repeated less often or not at all. Some horses improve without the injection entirely.

DrMyersConsider hoof health as an integral portion of routine annual herd health protocol. “No hoof, no horse” holds true even today. Annual balance radiographs with Metron analysis can assist the farrier in keeping your horse sound and fit for performance. Deepwood utilizes digital systems with a specialty platform to assure optimal positioning both ambulatory and in-house. Minor performance loss (small deviations) can be identified early on comparing a timeline of routine podiatry images for analysis. Acute on-set of lameness can reference baseline radiographs to rule out new from existing pathology for accurate diagnostic and focus on the right treatment protocol. Routine balance radiograph checks can help fine-tweak the horse’s individual needs for peak performance output as well as provide long term hoof maintenance support.



  • Radiography – Analysis of soft and hard tissue parameters and distal limb biomechanics is accomplished through digital systems. Both DR and CR systems are available.
  • Venography – Deepwood is the only clinic in Northern Virginia offering the Venogram procedure with Dr. Myers’ extensive experience in interpretation. This diagnostic technique yields detailed information about the health of the blood supply to the hoof and attendant structures to direct prognosis and treatment of laminitis and other hoof related issues.
  • Biomechanics – Deepwood Veterinary Clinic is the only clinic in the area offering extensive experience in interpretation of biomechanics through balance radiography to create customized farrier prescription. Dr. Myers utilizes years of veterinary and farrier expertise, combined with the Metron measuring system.
  • Ultrasound – Ultrasonography is utilized to image soft tissue lesions (tendons and ligaments) to formulate therapeutic plans.
  • Thermography – Comprehensive thermography services are available through EquineIR services. A complete body imaging scan can be done at very reasonable cost.



  • Medical – Deepwood uses state-of-the-art healing modalities including stem cell stimulation, unique anti-inflammatory products without side effects, acupuncture and cold laser therapy.
  • Surgical – Dr. Myers has extensive experience in surgery of the hoof and distal limb. Hoof wall resections and tenotomy are just two of the procedures that can be performed either in the clinic or on-site, dependent on the circumstances. However, we do not have a full surgical suite, and can perform only podiatry surgeries that can be performed on the standing patient.
  • Podiatry – Dr. Myers offers his expertise as a farrier to perform the initial correction of the hoof and apply an appropriate prosthesis to set up the hoof healing environment. He will then direct your farrier how to maintain the corrections. We work directly with your farrier to keep your horse’s hooves at their best.

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