Equine Podiatry Education Series

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Advanced Concepts in Equine Podiatry and Therapeutic Farriery
July 21-24, 2015

This year’s education series featured a four-day workshop with our resident
Equine Veterinarian M.W. “Tookie” Myers and Sylvia Kornherr, E.P.T., EPC Solutions

We had international attendance from five countries and four continents growing knowledge with veterinarians, farriers and trimmers across the globe.

The workshop involved intense theory-based lectures and on-site labs using live-horse demonstrations. Various bio-mechanical and pathological presentations of horse’s hooves were demonstrated expanding across 8 different hoof distortion types, followed up with practical “how to” application for:

  • Negative Palmar Angles
  • Club Foot
  • Long Toe Under-run Heels in horse hooves
  • Laminitic acute and chronic, founder acute and chronic
  • Introducing Migrated hoof capsules, identification and trim correction
  • Supporting High-Low distal limb conformation
  • Roller shoe, cup shoe application
  • Nailing to ROE concept
  • Podiatry balance radiograph technique and metron analysis for farrier prescription
  • Venogram technique and diagnostics for farrier purposes
Read our in-depth review of the workshop here.
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