Holistic Care

Holistic healthcare is a system of evaluating the physical and emotional, and environmental aspects of a patients condition in order to offer a multifaceted approach to healing. Holistic treatments may include supplements, acupuncture, herbs, dietary improvements, homeopathic remedies, cold laser, chiropractic treatment, physical therapy or conventional medical therapies.  

Holistic care recognizes that the immune system and the vital force are the true healers of the body. Sometimes drugs and surgery are needed and other times the risks and side effects outweigh the benefit of these conventional treatments. In some cases, holistic modalities can work with conventional treatments for the best interest of the patient.

Cold Laser Therapy
Advances in Veterinary Rehabilitation, Healing, and Pain Control

Cold laser systems emit infrared light that penetrates deep into the skin/tissue layers and stimulates the tissues at a cellular level to promote healing and tissue repair. It also stimulates the release of the body’s natural, pain killing and anti-inflammatory chemicals/hormones to facilitate pain relief and decrease inflammation. This non-invasive therapy is painless and treatment sessions last only 10-15 minutes.

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Acupuncture for Your Animals

A simple explanation compares acupuncture treatments to electrical systems. After all, the body does have an electric field! When you flip a light switch, it may turn off a light in a distant part of the room, but we all know there is the invisible connection between the two parts. So it is with acupuncture, and that is why needles are not always places at the place where the problem seems to be!

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