Large Animal Veterinarian Centreville Virginia

Deepwood Veterinary Clinic’s Large Animal Department will take care of all your equine and farm animal needs. Our ambulatory unit offers routine and emergency services for horses, cattle, goats, sheep, alpacas, pigs (including pot-bellied, mini, micro and teacup pigs), poultry, and almost everything in-between.

17545_275838282864_8238582_nIn addition to our mobile unit, Deepwood has a barn at our clinic site in Centreville. The staff of our intermediate care barn is available to provide skilled monitoring and treatment for medical colic, laminitis, and corneal ulcers. We are also available for foal watch, and for cases where an animal is in need of greater medical supervision than an owner can provide.

Our Large Animal Department is available for scheduled appointments Monday-Saturday, and a veterinarian is on-call for emergencies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You can reach us at (703) 633-6181, or via email at [email protected].


We gladly offer the following services:

Wellness ExaminationsVaccinations
Lameness ExamsPre-Purchase Exams
Ophthalmic (eye) ExamsDental Services
Herd HealthLaboratory Testing
Endoscopy (upper airway)Reproductive Services (including ultrasound)
Equine PodiatryCorrective Shoeing Consultations / Trimming Services
Acupuncture / Massage / Cold LaserOnsite Intermediate Care
EmergenciesHumane Euthanasia


  • Deepwood Veterinary Clinic

    Deepwood Veterinary Clinic
    7300 Ordway Rd.
    Centreville, VA 20121
    (703) 631-9133
    email: [email protected]
  • Office Hours

    Monday 8am - 8pm
    Tuesday 8am - 6pm
    Wednesday 8am - 6pm
    Thursday 8am - 6pm
    Friday 8am - 8pm
    Saturday 8am - 8pm
    Sunday 8am - 6pm (emergencies only)
  • Map and Directions

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